Mortgage Checklist

Getting a Mortgage Checklist

We're interested in success of your real estate transaction! The table below outlines the recommended steps to take. We suggest you print this worksheet, then check each box next to the items you've completed

Step 1: Work with your lender to provide financing for your home purchase. You can:

Get pre-qualified

Get pre-approved

Step 2: Select a home

Step 3: Get a ratified sales contract on a home

Step 4: Select the type of mortgage you want

Step 5: Select a lender

Step 6: Apply for a mortgage

Complete loan application

Participate in a loan interview. You can do so either over the telephone, online, or in-person

Review the Loan Interview Materials checklist

Within 3 days of loan application, receive good faith estimate

Receive Truth in Lending Disclosure

Loan submitted for final review

Step 7: Closing

Closing agent reviews whether conditions of loan are met

Make final inspection (walk-through) of home

Closing agent sets closing meeting

Sign documents

Documents recorded