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We have many loan programs thatmake buying your first home easy.

Whether you're a first timehome buyer or simply want a 100% loan with NO DOWNPAYMENT, we can help with loan programs that provide the necessary funds for closing cost and down payments.We understand that buying anew home can be a source of anxiety andfrustration -- but with the righthelp it is alsoa huge sense of accomplishment.Getting the right mortgage loan is as important asgetting the keys to your new house.We will introduceto you a fewloan programs that meet your needs, we will explain the pro's and con's of each program, and then it will be completely up to you to decide.Manypeople who rent don't believe they can own a home, give us a call or apply on-line and find out how EASY it is to become a home owner. With help from American Home Lending USA, you too can have the"American Dream of Home Ownership". We are here for you!

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