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as of 3/11
30-Year Fixed
3.967% APR
30-Year Fixed VA
3.9723% APR
15- Year Fixed
3.328% APR
15-Year Fixed VA
3.295% APR

Why do Mortgage Rates Change Daily?

You can "lock in" the rate, which allows you to complete the mortgage process knowing the exact interest rate you'll get for the life of the loan. If you believe rates will increase while your mortgage loan is being processed, you will want to lock in the current interest rate through your closing date. A typical lock-in lasts 30-60 days.

If you choose not to lock in your rate, you can "float" the rate. This means that you can follow market rate trends and choose to lock in when the rates are more favorable. However, you will have to lock in your rate at the end of the float period, which is usually 72 hours before closing.

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