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...from a few of Mario Hart's Clients     

Mario, Your attention to detail, service and friendly helpfulness has made the process go smoothly and decreased my stress about refinancing.

Thanks so much

Dr. Andrea Stephens, OB GYN

(VA refinance)

Hey there Mario. Thanks for everything through this process. You've really made this a very easy process when it was something I kind of dreaded (just all the hoops). I know you and your team really knocked yourselves out on this one and pushed it through really quickly and I appreciate all your work.

Mike Vacca (first time home buyer)

Mario, Sorry that this is late.

The closing was very much a non event. The biggest thing was which pen to use to sign the documents. Attached is a letter to add to your file. This was the most informed and enjoyable house closing that I have ever been a part of.-David

When the time came to sell my house I was very much at a loss as to exactly how to go about it. Kennan and Katie Jacob, a young couple I know, were interested in buying the house. They went to Mario Hart to talk about what they needed to do to buy a house. Mario worked with them explaining what they could do to better their credit and reduce the amount needed to purchase a house.

When their loan was approved Mario called me and went through all the necessary paperwork that was going to be needed. I should mention that I had offered to help the Jacob’s financially and really had no idea how to go about that. Mario did a lot of the work that a realtor would normal have done and saved both the Jacob’s and myself a good sum of money. The loan was an FHA loan and you can imagine the amount of documents that were required. Mario went over every document with me and explained line by line what was happening. Every question was answered and I felt that I knew what was happening.

The closing was a very uneventful event. There were no suppresses for either the Jacob’s or myself.

The first thing I will do the next time I either buy or sell a house is contact Mario. I know that what ever happens I will be fully informed and up to date on every thing.

David Beach (For-Sale-By-Owner)


Just to let you know…Jeff and I were approved to buy our dream house. This would not have happened if it was not for the hard work of Mario Hart and prayer.

Jeff and I do not have perfect credit. We are not an easy task to get approved for a large mortgage loan, but with Mario’s help on Debt Consolidation and putting us in the right Mortgage program it all came together. Plus a few prayers from family and friends.

I would highly recommend anyone looking at debt consolidation, refinancing, or buying a home, to call him.

Mario, Thank You for making our dream come true.  You have an open invitation to join us at all our Holiday Functions…

Tammie Roedl  (Sold their home and Purchased their "Dream" home)

Hi Mario,

 I wanted to thank you for taking the time to explain every step of the way and educate me on the mortgage loan process.  Over the years I have purchased several homes, but I never understood it.  In the past the closings with the bank always felt mechanical, but not this time around.  The thing that struck me was that I understood everything, I owe that all to you.   The whole process went exactly as you had said, at the bank closing all of the numbers were exact and to the penny.   It was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to work with you.

 This was by far the absolute BEST experience that I have had!


 Marcus Barbee   (Refinance)

Mario Hart was very helpful with all of our needs. We would recommend his name to anyone!

Janet and Robert Davis  (first time home buyers)

After going through a divorce, and not having the best credit, I needed to re-finance my mortgage in order to get my ex-husbands name off of it. I went through the company my mortgage was currently with. Everything was done over the phone and fax. When I sat down at the table the day of closing there were several discrepancies in the final paperwork. The monthly payment was higher, the finance rate was higher, there was a pre-payment penalty when I was told there would not be, and they were paying off some of my credit card debt without ever discussing it with me. Needless to say I didn't sign anything, and I walked away from the closing.

I was not very happy. The title agent taking care of my closing was very helpful and kind. She said she knew of someone who might be able to help me and gave me Mario Hart's name and phone number. It was after 11:00am when I called him and he met me at my house at 12:30. He listened to what I had to say, asked detailed questions about what I needed from a re-finance, and took the time to explain things to me. He contacted me later in the afternoon and set up a time to meet again that evening. Mario had a couple different options worked out for me and explained them completely. I chose the option that best fit what I was looking for and Mario went to work for me. He kept in contact through phone calls and emails, always calling back when he said he would. I truly felt as if Mario cared about my best interests. I did not have the easiest situation to work with, but Mario kept at it so I would have the outcome I needed.

I have a happy ending to my story. Today, just a little over two weeks after first sitting down with Mario, I am going to the closing table again. This time I feel confident the outcome will be a positive one. I would highly recommend Mario to anyone looking to re-finance their current mortgage. He won't give up until the end result is what his client needs.

Amy McKuhen  (Refinance)

Mario, attached is the testimony letter you asked me for. I hope it is ok. We closed on the house today! It only took 40 minutes and we were out of there. My heart was racing while in there. I just want to thank you a 1000 more times for helping us, and making this loan and purchase possible. THANK YOU!!

Our story is one of a kind. When my fiancé and I decided that it was time to purchase a home, we were first referred to Mario Hart by a realtor. When we met Mario, we liked him a lot and the way he was conducting his business. But we decided to look around at other loan companies because we wanted a lower interest rate. We soon found another loan company that was going to give us the best interest rate in town. Unfortunately, after a month and a half passed by they still couldn’t close the deal. In extreme frustration we called Mario back and asked him for his help, knowing that if anyone could get this loan done, it was him. Mario told us that it was going to be difficult to make this loan happen, but he would try his hardest for us. In the time we were working with the other loan company bad things had happened; my credit score had dropped, interest rates had sky-rocketed, and purchasing a home had become more difficult. Mario started right away, looking for ways to get us approved and find someone to finance us. He worked day in and day out, even weekends and late nights for a month and a half to help us. I really liked and appreciated the way Mario took the time to explain everything to me in detail. He worked extremely hard for us and cared just as much as we did about getting the house we wanted. If it weren’t for Mario we wouldn’t have closed on our house today! Mario proved to us that just because someone promises you a low interest rate, it doesn’t mean anything if they can’t make a loan happen. I would highly recommend Mario Hart to anyone!


Casey Wantland

(First Time Home Buyer)

I am a real estate agent in the Paxton area. I used Mario several years ago when I had a buyer for a house with terrible credit. They had a bankruptcy within 2 years and nobody could find them a loan except for Mario.

Not long ago, my wife and I were watching T.V. and a commercial for lending tree.com came on. You know, the one that says “when banks compete, you win” So I called them and the lenders started calling. I found one that I thought was going to work out. I liked the guy and he sounded like he really had my best interest at heart. They said I could borrow up to 80% of appraised value and did I want cash back. I told them I just wanted to pay off mortgage and didn’t want cash back. Therefore I didn’t need to borrow 80% to pay off mortgage. They set it up for 80% anyway, so thought to myself “that’s cool ,I guess I will get some money back.” But what had happened was they were going to pay off my mortgage and keep the change. When I confronted them about it, they conveniently never had my file in front of them.

I had gone pretty far in the process before realizing I was getting jacked around. I was talking to the same person on a daily basis about my loan and everytime I questioned him about my loan, he did not have my file in front of him or he needed to get the answer from his boss, or whatever else he could come up with. They had scheduled a person to come to my house and close on the loan, and I could not even get the terms from them as far as 20 or 30 year loan, interest rate or anything else about my loan and I was closing that night. I had asked them if there was an early payoff penalty and they said no. but the page that talked about early payoff was left blank and could have easily been check marked “pay off penalty” after the fact. These guys really got my feeling like I was making a huge mistake. The fees that they were charging me were astronomical. (remember they were “keeping the change”)

Then I remembered Mario! I told Mario my problems and the first thing he did was set up an appointment to come to my house and talk to my wife and I. I live an hour away from Mario, and he came to my house! When Mario left that day, I felt like a huge rock was lifted off of my chest. With Mario, I was able to borrow less money. (not the 80 % the other company was doing) Mario guaranteed me a certain interest rate and even though several weeks later interest rates had gone up, Mario was still able to get me what he said I would get. Costs and fees were cheaper, I borrowed less money. Mario saved me several thousand dollars and prevented me from making a huge mistake with these other guys. Every time I called him, whether he was in his office or driving down the road, he could answer my questions without having my file in front of him.

As a real estate agent, I will send ALL of my clients to Mario Hart, with full assurance that they will be taken care better than anywhere else. I strongly advise everyone to stay far far away from lendingtree.com

Thank you

Todd Whitaker, Realtor at Rosenboom Realty (Refinance)

"Everything was great! We got it done." -Ron Yacko (refinance)

Mario Hart was very patient and caring throughout our mortgage experience. He educated us in a way that was very sincere and easy to understand. My wife’s parents stated that buying a home can be very stressful. Mario was able to evaporate the stresses involved with securing our loan. In my opinion, with my “special” credit, that was nothing short of spectacular.

Mario met with us on a Saturday afternoon to complete our loan application. His concise explanations of every page were very easy to understand. The application/ approval process was surprisingly easy.

As a renter you are locked into someone else’s idea of wall color, light fixtures and landscape. As a home owner, (that was fun to say!) we have been able to express our own ideas of a perfect room, fixture or tree. We have a sense of pride when welcoming guests to our home. Our dogs have their own yard to enjoy.

We are creating equity for ourselves not throwing money away on rent every month. We have no noisy neighbor to share a wall with.

We were able to have the seller pay our closing costs and eliminate out of pocket expenses at the closing table.

I appreciate how much effort it takes to turn a house into a home.

The day of the re-scheduled walk through the seller was sleeping in the property.

We were not educated to the many loan programs available for families like ours with “interesting” financial situations. We assumed that we would not qualify for a loan.

Mario hart has helped me fulfill a large part of the American Dream. His tireless work and easy disposition made a trying time pass with simplicity and peace that none of our friends found with other financial groups. I am honored to list Mario as my friend.


Jim C. (First Time Home Buyer)

Question: What benefits have you received from working with Mario as your mortgage guy?

He took the pain and thinking out of it. He made it simple. Basically, he told us what we needed to have, we handed it off and he took care of the rest. All we really did was signing our names!

We filled out an application on line. We met with Mario about a week afterward and signed papers. That was it! It was that simple!

No down payment! Also, that we didn’t have to escrow our taxes and insurance.

Besides being extremely busy decorating and changing things….we are so happy! We truly feel settled now and look forward to raising a family and providing a loving home that is all of our own!

Not that it was funny at the time, but every house that we liked and put a bid in on, a previous bid was accepted the day before (that happened 3 times!) Of course, when it was the right house, the bid was accepted! All in all, Mario made it a smooth transaction and was such a great friend to work with!

We didn’t think we could get a loan. My parents were always saying that you had to have perfect credit or a down payment. NOT TRUE! As Mario says “the only reason people don’t own their own home is because they don’t think they can”. How true!!!

Kristen C. (First Time Home Buyer)

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